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The Resume Submission & Interview Process


Resume Submission

Once you have submitted or completed a resume through our "Submit A Resume" page or directly through one of the job listings in the "Opportunities" pages, your information will immediately be sent to one of our recruiters for review.

If your skills, background, etc match the parameters that have been set forth by our client companies, one of our recruiters will then contact you for an initial interview.

The Initial Interview

There are several steps to the initial interview process.

  1. A basic information gathering interview to learn about your work history, experience, education, etc.
  2. A discussion about what you are looking for, both in a company and your career.
  3. A presentation on our client companies and the opportunities that best match your goals and experirnce.
  4. An explanation on what you can expect regarding specific companies, recruiters and interviews.

Presentation To The Companies

With your needs and your career goals established, your recruiter will then submit your resume and information to those companies where your skills, experience, goals, etc are a match and are of interest to you,. The scheduling of interviews with these companies will then go forward based upon each company recruiter's individual schedule.

Length Of the Interview Process

The length of the interview process will vary from company to company and recruiter to recruiter. Some companies are quick and will get you through it in as little a week. Other companies may take several weeks (4-8 weeks in some cases). Please be patient. A smart career move should never be rushed or done in haste.

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